Welcome to the 3 Vallées Liberty

entire winter season skiing in Freedom !
You ski from 8 to 20 days per year ? This package is for you.

Subscription 3 Vallées Liberty is zero stress and you only pay for what you ski !

Reduced every day : 10% of the 3 Valleys ( except Saturday) , -10% on the Courchevel Valley
Outstanding reduction every Saturday : -20% on the 3 Valleys !
Single price , per day , regardless of age category. Reduction depending on the selected and calculated based on the public price adult day ski force .

Enjoy free on the 3 Valleys packages : the 9th day of skiing is offered …

Then you get a free day every 6 days . The opportunity to travel the 3 Valleys !
Direct access to the slopes without reloading or switching to banks, saving time and zero stress !
Change Area during the day freely and without limit! The price of your day will be calculated according to the area every night skiing .
Only skied days are charged ! Billing for consumption , badge -type highway. Your ski day is deducted from your bank account. Internet viewing at any time the status of your account ( package consumed reductions acquired … ) .

Accessible by annual subscription of € 30 per card and automatically renewed each October 31.
The purchase of the card and consumed each day , the amount is charged and debited to the credit card of the main subscriber weekly sampling.
The amount charged depends on the number of days worked and skied area .

Choose your area of ​​departure: